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Jimmy Carter to Receive Brain Transplant Hawkeye 08/17/2006
Merry Christmas Hawkeye 12/25/2005
Something for the libs Hawkeye 12/21/2005
R.A.M.'s answer to boberin, the FRIENDLY lib? Hawkeye 12/21/2005
A Christmas Gift for the Liberals on your List Hawkeye 12/09/2005
"SEE-BS" T.V.----Number 1 or Number 2? Hawkeye 12/04/2005
Scrapple Hungry to Discontinue Operations Hawkeye 11/29/2005
Happy Thanksgiving Hawkeye 11/24/2005
Bush Admits To Better Pre-War Intelligence Hawkeye 11/22/2005
Republicans Back Withdrawal Alternative Hawkeye 11/15/2005
Al-Qaeda Announces Wider Jihad Hawkeye 11/10/2005
Terrell Owens joins "Secret" Club Hawkeye 11/08/2005
French Request U.S. Aid Hawkeye 11/04/2005

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