"SEE-BS" T.V.----Number 1 or Number 2?

A R.A.M. News "Special Report"

R.A.M. News: For "See-BS", it is not enough to take "Christ" out of Christmas, lie about GWB with false reports of his National Guard service. Now they have a special about Pope John Paul II, played by the man who has lived his life so, that he is almost a saint!

Yes I am talking about the "perfect father figure"(just ask Angela Jolie), ex "Midnight Cowboy" Jon Voigt!

I was watching "See-BS" becuase that is the only way I can watch the "Colts", and was bombed by, "The MOST watched network's"(their claim, I don't personally believe it), self advertisements, which included, "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show", Dave Letterman, with Madonna, and Pope John Paul II.

Hard to imagine a more "Christmas-y" line-up! No wonder they are Number 1.

Although something over there at CBS smells more like "Number 2"!

Next report: Les Moonves to legally change name to "More Moonie-like"!

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Comment when you say it like that it makes a lot of sense

Wed Apr 5, 2006 2:18 pm MST by bob stevens

Comment Hey Kajun, good to hear from ya! Hope all is well. Best wishes for 1) your recovery, 2) the upcoming Christmas season, 3) your ramp construction, and 4) Just 'cause I likes ya! HawkeyeŽ

Tue Dec 6, 2005 9:27 pm MST by HawkeyeŽ

Comment You can keep your ol moon-pie, I smell deer meat cookin.

Tue Dec 6, 2005 1:22 pm MST by kajun

Comment Good one R.A.M. -- I think you're right about that Number 2 thingie... I thought I smelled something funny myself over at See-BS

Mon Dec 5, 2005 5:52 am MST by HawkeyeŽ

Comment You just have to remember, most actors and actresses are whores; they'll play Jesus Christ or the Devil himself, if the price is right...or just to get their face on the "silver screen". (I'm speaking as a card-carrying Screen Actors Guild member)

Sun Dec 4, 2005 10:17 pm MST by camojack

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